This software requires docker-compose to run locally. It uses Redis as a backend and queue; Celery to process long-running tasks, and Flask to run the web application. Docs are served with Jekyll.

By default, the service can be accessed on the following ports:

service port
flask 5001
redis 6379
docs 4000

Installing dependencies

You must install docker-compose to use this software. Follow the documentation from Docker to install the required software.

After docker-compose is installed, clone the mentor match repository. This repository is hosted on Github, but a Github account is not required to clone the repository.

A Github account is required if you wish to contribute to the documentation or code.

Use the command line to get to where you’ve cloned this repository.

From the repository folder, in the command line run:

docker-compose up

You should now be able to access the service on the localhost: followed by the ports above. I recommend starting with the docs, so you can come back here and keep going!

To stop the service at any time, just press the control (Ctrl) key and C key together.