Once your registration window has closed, you should validate that the data you have collected is still accurate. You may have checked some of the data already, during the registration window. This is one final check to make sure that your matching process doesn’t fail.

Send participants a copy of their data

To validate the data, send a personalised email to each of your participants that contains the essential information they submitted during registration. This essential information to validate will be any data that is required for matching.

Data you could include

This likely includes the participant’s:

  • name
  • contact details
  • grade or seniority
  • profession
  • organisation

Don’t include sensitive data

As this information is being sent by email, avoid sending any particularly sensitive information that participants might have submitted, such as their demographic data.

Ask them to update it if its wrong

Let people update the data directly if possible

If you can include a link in the email so that participants can edit their own data (and just their data!), do that.

If the registration form generated a confirmation email that included a link, you could also direct them to the email to perform any updates.

Manually edit the data if you can’t

If you can’t allow people to update their own data, ask them to email you so you can update it for them.

Don’t give people too long…

In a similar way to how long you leave registrations open for, don’t give participants too long to confirm their details. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that additional participant’s data will be out of date. You should move swiftly to close this process so you can match participants as soon as possible.