After you have opened registrations, you will need to monitor your participant data to ensure it is accurate.

You will likely find two scenarios where you need to act:

Your forms might not work as expected

Building registration forms is potentially very complex, especially where you have created complex routing through questions. Whilst you can test this prior to registrations opening, things can still go wrong.

You should continually check whether the forms are creating outputs that you expected during the registration window. You are likely to be able to identify if your forms are working as expected quite quickly; but it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on it throughout.

Participants need to change their data

You are likely to encounter participants who want to change their information, or possibly withdraw from the process all together.

Some online form building tools will allow people to go back into their form submission and change their answers1. You could direct users to do this as one way to change their data.

Alternatively, you could amend their information, or ask them to resubmit the forms and delete their original submission manually. If you are amending people’s data on their behalf, ensure you have a way of validating that the person requesting the change it is the same person that submitted the original data.

This isn’t the only opportunity you will have to ensure your data is accurate. You could also ask users to validate their information after registrations have closed.

  1. For example, Google Forms sends users an email after they submit a form that contains a link to their submission. Selecting the link will take the user back to their data and allow them to change it.