When you created your induction materials you will have decided whether you were running your induction:

  • online or face-to-face
  • live or pre-recorded

Considerations for live induction sessions

When to run sessions

Regardless of whether you are holding your induction events online or face-to-face, you could choose to run sessions either:

  • during your registration window
  • after registrations have closed

You’re likely to need to run the sessions more than once if you have a relatively large programme.

The advantage to running sessions whilst registrations are open is that you might get people joining the sessions that are considering taking part, but haven’t decided yet.

Publicise the sessions as early as possible

Regardless of your approach, schedule and publicise your induction sessions as early as possible. This means more of your participants will be likely to make time to attend.

If you know your dates in advance of your registration window for your programme opening, you could get participants to sign up for your induction sessions when they join the programme.

Considerations for pre-recorded induction sessions

If you have chosen to record your induction programme, scheduling the sessions becomes less important. Instead, pick a date on which you will publish the sessions that you have recorded and publicise them in the same way you are publicising the rest of your programme.