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Who we are

A photo of John Peart

John Peart He/him

John is a policy leader specialising in digital and equalities policy. His current role is as Head of Digital Identity Governance and Trust at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. John has been a civil servant for 9 years. He has also been the chair of the Civil Service LGBT+ Network since October 2021.

John developed the Civil Service LGBT+ mentoring programme in early 2021, and has lead its design and delivery for two years. This award winning programme matches junior LGBT+ staff to senior LGBT+ mentors. More than 2,000 people have now taken part in the programme, helping to increase the visibility of LGBT+ role models across the Civil Service, and helping them boost their careers. Everything you see on this website is based on the learning from delivering that programme.

A photo of Jonathan Kerr

Jonathan Kerr He/him

Jonathan is a cross-government drifter and proud member of OneTeamGov. He has worked across most of the big departments, and spent some time in the private sector.

He is a software engineer by trade. Jonathan created software that improved the way that the Civil Service LGBT+ mentoring programme was delivered in its second year, reducing the time it takes to match mentors to mentees from 3 days down to a matter of minutes.